December 15, 2008


Today began our "Eight Days of Grazing" at work. No rhyme or reason as to what is brought in each day. No sign-up lists. No requests for specific foods. I figured it will either be feast or famine each day! Today was a mix of various chips with dip, a bunch of cookies, and some ham/cream cheese pinwheels. Not bad for a Monday! Tonight I am making some puff pastry cookie-like things using sugar-free jams and jellies so that the diabetics in my group can enjoy some goodies. The last half hour of my day was spent sitting around with my boss and another engineer talking about our weird cats. Can I just say again that I love my job?

We are officially DONE with shopping for everyone else outside of our little family! We got the gifts for the youngest of the kids, which were the last ones needed. We had another marathon wrapping session (where, not surprisingly, I did ALL the wrapping!) and WC helped by decorating presents with ribbons and bows. I'm sure the cats will have eaten or shredded them by this weekend.

I'm off in a few minutes to go pay tuition and fees for WC's second semester of college. She's taking four real classes this time (I do NOT count the "Welcome to College" orientation class as real!) and is actually looking forward to them all. Even the math class...which really makes one wonder if she is REALLY my child. She took her finals this morning in her English classes, so she doesn't have class on Wednesday. Her math final is this Saturday morning, after which she'll meet us at her grandparent's house for Christmas with the family. It is still a little strange to have her not going places with us, meeting us places after she does whatever it is she has to do. She has moments when she seems so incredibly grown up...and other times when I wonder how it is she's managed to hold a job for more than one day.

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