December 14, 2008


Obviously I am no good at remembering I even have a website, let alone the fact that I should be writing every single day!

John is outside replacing yet another window regulator for WC's electric windows in her car. The 98 Jettas with electric windows are notorious for the regulators breaking on a fairly regular basis...then add to that the beating of use by a teenager...and well hers don't last for squat. John's gotten pretty good at either bracing the window up with a piece of wood inside the door panel (something she hates...but oh well, it is free!) or taking the door panel off and resetting the window in the guides. Tempting to go find her doors with hand-crank windows!!

We have spent most of the weekend so far either out buying presents, wrapping presents, talking about what presents we still need to buy, or installing a new bath vanity and sink in WC's bathroom. Because really, isn't that what most people do during the holidays? Decide that the old sink that works perfectly fine finally needs to be replaced with something that we actually like? Actually, John got the whole job done with fairly quickly, though it isn't attached to the wall yet. He needs to get another U-joint for the drain since the old one is fairly beat up, but other than that and drilling holes in the wall, it looks a thousand times better!

Today is going to be church, more shopping, come home and finishing making a gift so that I can wrap it and get it in the mail, dinner at church, and then some movie-watching time!

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