January 11, 2008


At 7:25am this morning, it is snowing in Taji, Iraq.

I just thought you all would want to know! Yes, there will be pictures up in the gallery soon...I just have to wait for them to upload one at a time. It is a painfully slow procedure, but everyone complains when I don't put pictures up!

We were without internet, phones, network, printers, scanners....almost everything for almost a week. It was horrible! Thankfully we finally got connectivity back after the IT crew working overnight a few nights. Of course, we're still trying to get everything else to work...like the scanner, so I can email documents out.

Then there are mornings when you wake up, go use the bathroom, and discover that there is no water on your side of the building. THAT is always a pleasant surprise, let me tell ya! Or the mornings you wake up and discover that the proverbial 'someone' has flipped off the switches to the hot water heaters and you have no hot water to shower with. That is always a nice surprise as you stand there naked.

I need to get back to running back and forth to the printer/scanner every time someone from IT emails me. Just wanted to post a quick update. Hope all is well and that everyone is staying warm and dry!

Posted by rowEn at 07:54 AM