January 03, 2008


Happy New Year everyone! I would like all three or four of you reading to know that I'm alive and well, a little sleep deprived, but fine nonetheless. Of course, the sleep thing is probably because I'm still experimenting on how to not only keep my mattress from leaning to one side, but to also keep it from immediately forming a bowl shape when I lay down. Do you know how hard it is to sleep on your stomach in a bowl? Through creative use of pillows and folded sheet sets, along with the stolen extra mattress, I think I have a workable bed situation worked out. For the record, though...two bad mattresses do not, in fact, make one good bed!

Anyway, the holidays were both very nice and very sucky. I had a very nice time since my friend A got to come visit. It was great having someone here who knows me well enough to make me laugh at myself and most everything around me. I really needed that! Sucky because I had Christmas on the phone with my family, missing them horribly. I was a good girl and didn't open my presents until then...and I made out like a bandit! Lots of toys, some plain gold earrings, a nice St Christopher medal, more toys, some chocolate, books, more toys, a giant coloring book, cars from Cars, and finally, more toys.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who sent presents and well wishes! The wish lists are still there (Dec 3rd entry, if you are curious), and I am continually adding/removing things from the Amazon list. I just ordered myself some more workout clothes so that I can go to the gym more often. I should have ordered some warmer clothes, as it is absolutely freezing this week and it is going to get colder next week!

Specifically to everyone who has sent me books...I wanted you to know that I am passing them along as I am finished reading them. I think it is good book karma to keep them circulating rather than languishing in my little room. To the random anon people who sent books from my wishlist, thank you a million times over! Your generosity is awesome!

So...yeah, still here at Camp Cooke. Things are still nice and quiet, just like I like them to be (knocks on wooden desk). We work every day, though Fridays are our "short" day, which usually just means we're working for free that afternoon. I might start sleeping in a bit on Fridays just to take advantage of not having to be here at any specific time.

I've only travelled to the Green Zone since I've gotten here. It was very nice to spend New Years there with people I know. The container I got placed in was awesome, as it had it's own bathroom and shower In. The. Room! Oh what luxury! There is also an espresso shop just across the street, which was a most welcome sight. We got to go eat at the Palace before we came back to Taji, which was awesome...they have sandwich presses!! It was just nice having a change of the usual dfac food. It gets old after a few weeks...steaks which may or may not be cooked within an inch of their lives, fish that is so heavily breaded that you aren't sure what it is, breaded...well, everything is breaded I think, except the steaks, lobster tails, and ribs. Dont' be too impressed...have you ever tried to eat a t-bone steak that's cooked to Very Well Done with a plastic fork and plastic knife? Or eat crab legs with no claw crackers? At least I didn't pull out a leatherman like the men...I broke mine open and poked the meat out with the blunt end of the plastic knife. I rule! :)

I'm going to be uploading some pictures today, so please be patient with me in case it starts to take forever. We are on, I'm convinced, the slowest internet in the world! Hope you all are well. If you would like to drop a card or something in the mail, let me know and I'll shoot you my address. Mail Call is the best time of the day, just sayin' :)

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