July 25, 2007


OK....so I've been horrible about writing. Let's see what has been going on...

I came home from New Orleans in early May. It was lovely being home again and playing around with the garden. I flew up to Seattle to visit with M1 and her girls. Had a great time, as usual. I still can't believe her youngest is so big now!

In early June John and I went to Vegas for a long weekend. Had a lovely time and went to see Love at the Mirage. Amazing show...though I might have remembered more of it had I not had the killer drink just to get the cute plastic cup! Didn't come home big winners this time but all in all, good times!

Later in June I flew up to Columbus to visit with my girlfriend Kim and go to her Mom's birthday party. After her mom was so sick over the holidays, it was awesome seeing her so healthy and strong now. Did a little bit of shopping and just sort of hung out for the weekend.

That brings us to July I suppose. I'm getting ready to go back to New Orleans for another two months....then (and this would be the "newsy" part of the entry) I'm finally going to go to Iraq for six months. My name came up on the list and they offered me a position. After a lot of talking with John, I think he begrudgingly understands my wanting to go. It has caused a few waves at work, but nothing I can't handle while I'm gone. Everyone has been very supportive about my being gone again, and at least while I'm in New Orleans I'll still be taking care of them remotely. When I leave for Iraq, I won't be able to do that.

So that is life in a nutshell right now. We redid the ceiling in the living room and now it is beautiful and smooth. We also painted the walls and added an accent color around the fireplace. It is finally starting to look like we actually live here now! We're going to refi the house next month, hence my deploying to make some extra cash in case we need it.

Hope everyone is doing well. There are some new pictures up in the gallery, even if I didn't notify y'all!

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