April 03, 2007

Not dead...just working

I'm sorry. I know I said I would post a picture yet I never did. I can see on the calendar that a month has gone by yet you'd have a hard time convincing my brain of that fact.

To recap March:

I did go home for a long weekend. I stopped off in Birmingham along the way to visit my doctor for the one year check up after surgery. I'm doing great, though I could have lost a bit more weight. I've been slacking where that is concerned, not eating just protein first, etc. The vampires in the blood lab took 15 vials of blood for the work-up. I really wish I was kidding about that number. All in all, nobody has called to tell me I'm going to drop dead any minute, so I'm going to assume that my bloodwork is all good to go, or can at least wait three months to give me the mediocre news.

John and I had a wonderful weekend while I was home. We went for a few bike rides, my first on his new bike! I also got my first leather jacket. I feel like quite the badass when I wear it. I love being on the bike...now I just need to find myself a pink helmet!

The rest of the month seems to have flown by. Went out a few times with a bunch of people. Got sick with bronchitis and had to see the doctor for a steriod shot. Decided to volunteer one afternoon at Jazz Fest at a drink tent. Decided to buy myself a weekend pass to the last weekend of Jazz Fest, which is also my last weekend here in New Orleans for a while.

I'm working about 97 hours this week (ending Saturday evening) and then heading over to my dad's house to spend Easter with the family. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

I'm going to Nashville the weekend after I get home. I've still got to plan a flight to Seattle for Crash and I at some point this May or June. I'm flying to Columbus for a long weekend towards the end of June. I'm going to be 41 this summer. Crash is going to be 17 and entering her senior year of high school. Surprisingly, I'm OK with that.

Remind me to tell y'all about the psychic reading I had down in the French Quarter not long ago!

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