March 01, 2007

Walking with the Zulu Rascals

So I need to write about this mostly because I was an idiot and forgot to put the memory card back in the camera the morning of the parade. Because of that, I only got a few pictures from the start of the parade. The flip side to not having the camera to use is that I was able to put it away and just concentrate on having a good time.

So here are my thoughts on the whole morning...

We had to be at the Zulu Krewe club building at 6am so that we could get our faces painted for the parade. We also needed to unload all the extra beads we had and load them on to the support truck. Andrea picked me up at my hotel and we made our way to the club. We went inside and they were serving breakfast. Eventually Laura showed up and we painted our faces real quick. Everyone loaded in the back of the support truck and we made our way to the starting point for the parade.

Once we got there we were told what float we would be walking behind. Our float was #6. Everyone was on the phone calling friends who were watching, telling them where we would be. I called a few people but ended up not seeing them. Behind us walking would be the Rebirth Jazz Band. We stood around for a bit waiting for all the other floats and marching bands to go by so that we could fall in on our position. Finally it was time to start walking!

Things started out pretty slow at first. Lots of starting and stopping, which was fine, since we were all dancing and having a wonderful time. I was handing out beads at a furious pace. It was fun in the parts where there were no barricades and you could walk right up to people and put beads on them. Everyone was stepping out in to the street asking us to stop and take pictures.

We were getting close to Gallier Hall which is where all the TV cameras and the Mayor were. Everyone loaded up on beads before we got there. Seeing so many people and having the band right behind us to keep everyone dancing was just amazing! I was trying to throw beads to people in the back. Everyone wanted coconuts (which must be passed hand to hand now, no more throwing!)

We danced/walked the entire parade route, which was over four miles. Then we danced our way back to the Zulu Club. We started at 8am...we got back to the club at approximately 130pm. I was on the move for five and a half hours!

Andrea and I packed up the last of our things in her car and she dropped me back at my hotel. I loved all the looks that I got walking through the lobby! Then I had to walk down to the store to get some soda. The people on the street were very nice and told me how much they had enjoyed watching our parade, since it looked like everyone who was in it was just having the time of their life. It truly was one of the great times of MY life! I'm already planning on doing this every year!

Now I just need to figure out how to make my own coconuts to give out...

(I'll edit this post once I get to my laptop at the hotel. I need to include a photo of me in costume!)

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