February 10, 2007


I know, I know! I haven't been writing!

There are some new pictures up in the gallery. I finally made it to a Mardi Gras parade! Gots lots of beads and had a nice time taking pictures. We're going to a few more parades this evening after work.

I just came back from the bead store. Why? Well, I'm walking in a parade on Fat Tuesday!!! A friend and I were invited to walk with the Zulu Krewe. We have to wear costumes (which involve a black wig, gold shoes, and a grass skirt!) and, while they do provide some of the throws, we were told that we'd probably want to buy more. People, I now have more than five cases of beads in the back of my car right now! I bought five cases of various beads, then about 10-12 more bags of various beads that I liked but didn't want a whole case of. I will be sure and take lots of pictures of them once I get them sorted out a bit.

Enjoy the pictures from last night. I'll hopefully have more to post tomorrow morning from tonight's parades!

Posted by rowEn at 03:30 PM