December 27, 2006


So. Tired.

Christmas was wonderful, as usual. We went to Christmas Eve candlelight service with John's family and it was quite nice. I wore some new clothes that actually fit and were comfortable. We went to have some dessert at his mom's house then had to leave to take the turducken out of the oven. Needless to say, the house smelled wonderful when we got home. We could hardly wait the hour for it to set! Of course, we did a little quality assurance testing to make sure it was all good. It was even better than I expected!

Christmas morning was very low-key and nice. John and I were up first, as usual. We made coffee and browned the sausage for making biscuits and gravy. Since I can't have the sugar any longer, monkey bread is no longer on the menu Christmas morning. We finally woke Crash up at 630 because we just couldn't wait any longer. It was already getting light outside and usually we'd have already opened gifts by then. I totally messed up the order in which Crash was to open her gifts. The iHome was supposed to be next to last, instead she opened it first. Thankfully she didn't catch on. She wasn't amused with the gift card for iTunes on which I'd written that perhaps we could fix her shuffle. Again, she didn't catch on. When she thought she was done I pulled out the last box for her. Since it wasn't the usual square box from Apple she couldn't guess what was inside. Lots of squeals later she was heading to the computer to set up her new Nano.

John made me cry with new diamond earrings. I was sure he'd never buy me a pair since I lost two diamond earrings in the space of a week. I also got a lovely set of diamond and emerald earrings with a matching necklace from him and Crash. John was thrilled with the new knife set as well as the Cuisinart. He also got a set of rims for his truck, but had gotten those the week before.

All in all an excessive but lovely holiday was had by all. The grandparents spoiled all the grandkids and we'll have to take Crash shopping to spend all the money and gift cards she got. She's just happy she doesn't have to lump them all together to buy herself the Nano.

Today we got the title to the Harley. John and I went and bought some helmets after lunch. I'm going to give him some more time riding on his own before I get on the back. It is such a heavy bike that he needs to get used to riding it himself before we add my weight to the mix. I almost got a leather jacket, but we ended up just getting the helmets. Still, it was a good deal on the jacket and I have a feeling he'll end up going back for it later this week. They didn't have one his size, but I'm sure he'll keep shopping around for one. We both need rain gear and gloves, as well.

I'll try and take some pictures later this evening. It is sitting out in the garage and I'm sitting here in the nice warm computer room.

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