December 20, 2006


I think I am done Christmas shopping, save for a few more items for John and perhaps some stocking stuffers. We stopped at Chilis for a quick bite to eat, hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond, then Target. I've wrapped up a few items already but there is still quite a bit left to wrap. Not fun to do while all hunched over on the floor.

The laptop screen is messed up again. There are white lines running up and down the screen that don't go away. This is especially upsetting since we just got it back about a month ago for the same darn problem. That's OK, since I go pick up the big family present tomorrow after work. Nothing is going to ruin that one!

Right now I'm just listening to John swear in the bathroom while he tries to get the tile all lined up and pretty. The tiles look nice and I'll take a picture once it is all done and we've put the new toilet in there.

This made me laugh so hard at the store I had to buy it:
Is it a command? An insult?

Posted by rowEn at 09:33 PM