December 13, 2006

Time and Fog

I hate feeling like I am running out of time. Since I know I am leaving in less than a week, all the things I've wanted to get done or do are now hanging over my head like the thick fog that is hanging over the city right this minute.

I walked outside a little bit ago and sat down to just look at the sky. Well, the fog actually. I love nights like this and the closed-in feeling you get when it is foggy. The air is heavy and chilled, there are no stars to be seen, and any little bit of light seems to travel and light up the sky. I'm always surprised by how light everything feels, as oppsed to so dark when there are no clouds in the sky.

I was thinking that right then, at that very moment, it felt "christmas-y" to me. I would imagine because we spent so many years in Washington and this was the kind of weather we were used to. Being down in the South now, I guess this is about as close as I'm going to get to feeling like it is snowing.

It is time to go do backups and turn off the computers and go back to the hotel. I'm sure my mental lists will keep turning themselves over in my head all night, poking at me and reminding me that I just don't have enough time to go and do and see and eat. It'll be OK though, since I have a feeling I'll be back soon.

Posted by rowEn at 09:37 PM