December 10, 2006


I had the most amazing dinner last night. I went to Commander's Palace here in New Orleans with two friends. I can honestly say that this dinner ranks up there in the top three...

We arrived just on time for our 9pm dinner reservation and were told it would be a few minutes before our table was ready. We were led to the bar, and the coolest part about going to the bar is that you have to walk through the kitchen! The three of us saw the table set up in the kitchen and wondered to each other how long the wait list is for that specific seating. We arrived in the bar and the three of us geeked out to each other with the same thought, "That was so cool!" I waited at the bar for a few minutes while the bartenders made some pretty drinks for other people. I made the bartender smile with my simple drink request - a Maker's Mark on the rocks with a splash of water.

Our table was ready a few minutes after I got my drink and we were led back through the kitchen to the dining room. We had a lovely table pretty much in the center of the beautiful room. An interesting part of the decor are the birds perched on wooden dowels as though they are part of the wallpaper. You don't notice them right away, but they do tend to pop out at you once you see the first one.

For the starter I had the turtle soup spiked with a touch of sherry. It was, in a word that I will use too much to describe my dinner, amazing. I had to restrain myself from finishing the whole bowl, as I knew the best part was yet to come. The soup was perfectly cooked and didn't have the slightly bitter taste that I've noticed at other places. My entree was the muscovoy duck. Since having it for the first time not long ago, I have quickly become a big fan of duck. It was not dry in the least and was sitting on a bed of boudin and chargrilled onions, accessorized with a few pearl onions. I couldn't even finish half of it but every single bite was just a bit of heaven. To finish up I had the strawberry shortcake. It was on a lovely buttermilk biscuit with srawberries and chantilly cream on top. They even remembered not to put the powdered sugar on top, as was my request when I ordered dinner. Again, I couldn't even come close to finishing but it was quite lovely. I left the restaurant with a quite full stomach and very happy palate.

Commander's Palace has long been on my list of "must eat" places here in New Orleans. Unfortunately the list is quite long, so I'm hoping that I can come back down and visit a few more places when John comes down for visits.

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