December 07, 2006

Lucky 299

2006-12-07: "Write about a memorably perfect day in your life." by this ain't livin'.

I woke up at an unreasonably early hour just to double-triple check email. Nothing. Is that a good sign? A bad sign? Meaningless? I figured since I was awake I might as well make coffee. I woke up Crash, who was shocked that I was the first one awake. It was the first day of high school and she had to catch the early bus. I let her know what my tentative schedule was for the day and sent her off into the misty morning.

Gee, I only had about another hour before I usually left for work. I decided to just head in early and get some work done. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping to get some news. I desperately, achingly want this news but I have to be patient. Everyone at the office was being wonderful and cautiously asked if I'd heard anything yet.

The phone call came just before lunch. I felt like all the air had been sucked out of me...but in a fabulous way. It is real! I made some hasty arrangements for some time off of work and raced home. I changed my clothes and re-did my hair. I considered doing my make-up but thought better of that idea and put it all back in the cabinet. One quick stop at the store for some balloons and flowers and then I raced up the freeway.

I'm over an hour early. Anxious? Me? I walked up to the counter and explained my needs. The agents at the counter were gracious and just beamed when I told them the news. I walked towards security with my gifts. The agent checking IDs directed me to the first class line, easily guessing why I was there. Sadly, half of my gifts needed to be left behind. Evidently balloons are a risk. Undeterred, I head off to the waiting area. For most of an hour I sat there alone, unable to focus on even the most mindless of magazines. Eventually the waiting area started to fill with people who look just like me - relieved.

It was a rainy and grey day, yet you would have thought the sun was shining with all the beaming people. I made small talk with a few others in the waiting area. Eventually we saw the object we've been waiting for. I'd positioned myself just outside the door for the best vantage point. I wanted to be able to see down the hallway. I made sure the camera was turned on. There was an abundance of agents in the area, all smiling and looking at everyone.

The moment finally arrived and we all watched one of the agents go stand by the door. She had a smile on her face from ear to ear. A few seconds later she opened the door and stood back...

I look up and can do nothing more than burst into tears and jump up and down. He is the first one off the plane! In no more than a second I am in his arms. Arms I have waited ten months to feel. Hugs that have been missing for ten months. Kisses that have been dreamed about for ten months. 299 days since I had seen him. I didn't even care that I had missed taking a picture of him walking off the plane.

It was a perfect day. I got to surprise my daughter by walking in the door that evening with her father. To see her reaction was the most priceless gift in the world.

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