December 04, 2006

Sounds of the Season

Today's Holidailies writing prompt is: "Holiday music: essential part of the season, or 'no way, it makes my ears bleed'?"

As much as I am anti-snow, I am pro-music. Now, this might be because I am always listening to music, or perhaps it is just because I have some fairly strong attachments to some holiday music. Either way, I'm fairly certain that I'd be the one in your office driving you insane with the Christmas music on the first work day after Thanksgiving.

From the very first memories of Christmas, I remember the music. My mother, a huge Elvis fan any time of the year, owned all of the Elvis albums. She would stack them all up on the record player, letting them drop and play one by one. I'm sure we were the talk of the neighborhood...three little girls all singing Christmas songs in the style of Elvis. I've got those songs now on my PodZilla. I listen to them and can't help but be taken back to the tiny little house with the big record player. Elvis music was what we listened to when we wrapped presents. It was what we listened to as we cleaned house. It was what we listened to when we were getting ready to have company. It was the music that made everyone smile and ensure we were in a good mood. Elvis songs still tend to do that for me.

Once I got a little older, I discovered that there was more to Christmas music than just Elvis. I love all the holiday music from the groups from the 50's and 60's. I am not a big fan of most of the mainstream holiday hits. Kate Bush's December Will Be Magic? Check. Paul McCartney's horrid holiday song? Not so much. Rat Pack Christmas Album? Yes, on constant rotation. Lately I seem to be all about the obscure holiday albums. A Santa Cause - A Punk Rock Christmas is one of my favorites this year. Hearing MXPX sing Christmas Night Of The Zombies...well how could you keep from smiling? I like all the strange songs, the ones you won't hear on the radio or while standing in line at the store. Sure, I've also got plenty of those as well...but I like to mix it up when I'm listening to PodZilla. I'll always be a sucker for Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song.

Music means so many different things to people. It can help change your mood. It can take your memories to both good places and bad. It can tranform you in ways you could never imagine. It puts me in the right frame of mind for the holidays. The year that John was gone for Christmas, we didn't listen to much holiday music. I didn't want to be in the mood. I wanted to worry and wallow and waste a perfectly good holiday on my own selfish emotions. It was too hard listening to Elvis sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and instantly bursting into tears. Christmas morning was the exception, as we had the Fireplace channel going and it was playing holiday tunes.

This year I will be in my own house with a real fireplace going. I will have a multitude of CDs ready to play on a moment's notice. Need to fight about Christmas decorations? Put on the punk rock holiday CD! Want to have nice background music for a few hours? Queue up the Time Life Treasury of Christmas CD. Want to have a few adult beverages and relax in front of the fire? Put the on the Temptations Christmas Card. Really, I've got you covered on the holiday music.

Posted by rowEn at 02:28 PM