December 03, 2006

Worshiping the sun

Today's Holidailies writing prompt is "Sunny or snowy: Which makes for the better holiday season, and why?" I'm fairly certain that you know which camp I am from today's title.

I am all about the warmth and sunshine. Even during the holidays. OK, so snow on Christmas Eve only wouldn't kill me, but it would need to be sunny and warm again the following day!

I have visions of the perfect holiday for me. I can see a bight, perfectly blue sky with the occasional small fluffy cloud thrown in for contrast. There are lots of palm trees decorated with colorful lights. Clothing will be in the hawaiian shirt variety with the occasional straw hat for some of the guys. Pink stucco is everywhere. I'm also certain that pink flamingos and a convertable are also involved. It is all very retro and hip.

I grew up in Ohio. 17 very long, cold winters. I hate cold weather. I don't like being cold except when I'm trying to fall asleep, then I like the room to be cold but me covered up. I'm not a big fan of snow, either. I wouldn't mind living some place where I could just go visit snow when I want. Then I could get in my car and drive back to the warm and sunny.

I don't need any certain kind of weather to make a holiday season feel right. Sure, there are always going to be the commercials making you think that unless everything is covered in white and you've got a fire in the fireplace and your entire family around you, well, it just isn't going to be right. By the way, in those commercials that you see...where are all the darn cars parked? You always see the perfect house, the perfect snow, everything all aglow with love and perfectness....yet you don't see all the cars. There is always a few hundred cars parked in the driveway, yard, and street. You never see those in the perfect commercial. Anyway, no, weather does not make or break a holiday season for me. I've been in warm places for the holidays and I've been in cold places for the holidays. I prefer the warm and wearing no jacket on Christmas day. Sure, being in Germany and all the white lights used for decorations and the snow and all. Very pretty. Very post-cardish. Also very cold and therefore hateful.

Maybe some day I will have my swanky and cool holiday. Until then I will continue to shiver this time of year.

Posted by rowEn at 02:21 PM