September 30, 2006


I really should wait to type until I go get my nails done, but for now I'll just hope I don't hit too many extra keys...

Sorry for the lack up updates! Work has been killer with the end of the fiscal year so I've been exhausted every day. I'm glad it is over and now I can focus on either deploying to Iraq or deploying to New Orleans.

I know, I've not talked a lot about Iraq but for now, there isn't a whole lot going on. I made the list, meaning that they said I was qualified to go...I just don't have a position to go to. Camp Cupcake doesn't have a position for me for at least four months, and that is assuming that the person in the position now doesn't extend. Then while talking to people in the green zone, there are no openings there right now either. One of the engineers in my office is going back down to New Orleans in a few weeks (and the funny thing is, we're actually going on vacation at the same time to the same place!), so maybe he can get me a 30-60 day deployment. I'd like to make a little extra cash for the holidays anyway, and I'm sure that John and Crash wouldn't mind coming down to NOLA to visit me.

The weight loss is still going fairly strong. I've officially lost 80 pounds now! I would take some pictures today and show myself off but John has the camera and he ended up staying in Anchorage for an extra day. I think that in a few years, I'm going to have to go deploy for a year just to have all the extra cash for all the plastic surgery I'm going to want. I know that the insurance company isn't going to cover everything I want. My stomach and upper thighs are utterly embarrassing and gross...but smaller! I knew this was going to happen so I can't really complain too much. I'm healthier, stronger, and much smaller. Excess skin is actually a small price to pay.

And speaking of weight loss, if those of you playing along with the home game are keeping track, yes, it means that my weight officially starts with a 1 rather than a 2. I thought I would be a lot more psyched about it, and while it was a very nice thing to see the first number on the scale finally change, it was just another day with another pound lost. I can wear a size 16 skinny jeans from Old Navy or a regular size 14. Evidently I've got size 16 thighs and a size 14 waist. It has been forever since I've worn jeans that actually have a big gap at the waist because it is too big there. I'm just thrilled to be wearing anything with the word 'skinny' in it! Last night for a girls night out dinner I wore the skinny jeans and the shirt I got from Glarkware. I was told I looked awesomely cute...which made venturing out a total success!

So I promise, I'll be taking lots of pictures in the coming week. I'll try and get them posted before Crash and I go to Orlando. We're driving down on Friday (shh, don't tell the school!) and then returning on the 13th. I'm still debating on taking the laptop with us. I might just so that I have a place to dump all the pictures we'll end up taking! We're doing both Disney and Universal Studios. The big night will be the 8th. We're doing this. Yes, I know it is going to scare the living daylights out of me. Just to make sure I am an idiot, I sprung for the RIP tour tickets for us. Ya know, so that I won't have time to think about NOT going through a house while standing in a 2 hour line. Crash laughed at me when I said I didn't even like looking at the website. Some of the pages are pretty the house page for The People Under the Stairs. I really just want to go ride all the rides!

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