September 09, 2006


Hellooooooooooooooo Seattle!

Got here on Thursday. First order of business was waiting forever for my small suitcase to show up on the baggage carousel. Went down to Alam0 and was given a nice Grand Prix for the long weekend. Got on to I-5 south and it really felt like I was "home" for a little while. I stopped by LASA and got to visit with everyone there. The new office is a lot bigger than the old one, though they could still use more room. It was a little strange realizing that it's been almost two years since I was last here.

Friday was spent being girly and getting a mani and pedi with Michelle1. I was all stressed out on Wednesday since I wasn't sure I was going to have time to get my nails done when she reminded me that we'd have all day Friday to do what we like. After girlifying ourselves we went to lunch with the LASA ladies. I opted for a teriyaki place since there isn't any REALLY good places to get it in Alabama. I wasn't disappointed. Michelle1 loved all the women I used to work with and I was sad to see lunch come to an end. After that we ran home and got her girls settled with the sitter and headed off to Bell Square. I was on a mission to hit Lush and stock up on my shampoo and conditioner. I also got some more henna, since I'd used most of what we had left. Crash will be thrilled with another block of the Marron henna. I had (and really, still have) shoe-envy of Michelle1's new Earth shoes. They are absolutely adorable and honestly, I'm not even sure where I would find them where I live. I think that John and I are just going to have to plan yearly trips out here to go shop. Anyway, after our shopping it was time for Steak Night! We had a lovely time along with a perfectly cooked filet. I didn't realize how much I've missed having girlfriends to just sit around and have dinner with. We were there for over three hours and it was worth every penny. There was a lot of good conversation and many laughs. I think it was just what Michelle1 and Jody needed.

Today we spent the day with the girls and took them to the Seattle Aquarium. They had a great time and I took a ton of pictures. I'll have to upload them once I'm home. I think I shocked Michelle1 when I had an extra memory card for her camera, so she was able to continue taking pictures until her batteries died. After the fish, we stopped by the Crab Pot to have a late lunch. M1 and I had the boil where they had mussels, crabs, oysters, crab legs, shrimp, halibut and salmon skewers, andouille sausage, as well as the corn on the cob and potatoes. We also had a cup of clam chowder, because really, could I be here and NOT have some?? I don't think so! Lunch was heavenly and while we were able to put a nice dent in the pile, we didn't even come close to finishing everything. It was finally time to head home, and that is where the story gets interesting...

We were almost to Fife when it happened. We were just driving along in the lane next to the far left. We hadn't changed lanes or anything, just driving along minding our own business and listening to the girls serenade us with various songs. All of a sudden we feel the van being pushed to the right. Some asshole in a little silver car had freaking hit us, either by drifting over to our lane, or not paying attention while trying to change lanes. We started to change lanes to the right so that we could pull off at the next exit. At first, the car that hit us was following us, acting like he was going to pull off as well. Once we were comitted to actually exiting, he pulled back over to the left and took off down I-5. Good thing we'd already written down his plate number, huh? We pulled into a parking lot and called the state patrol. They showed up and already had the address and phone number of the other driver. Hopefully he'll be prosecuted. M1's van is still drivable, just some big black rubber marks on the back left wheel cover and the rear quarter panel. Still, very strange, the whole hit and run on the freeway.

Tonight we're going to put the girls to bed early and then fix ourselves a drink or five.

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