August 04, 2006

Vegas, baby!

Vegas, baby!

Yes, that is me standing in front of the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. I apologize for not taking off the hat and sunglasses, but people, it was probably about 110 degrees at that point, and we'd walked from the Venetian to the Wynn. It was H.O.T!

John and I got home yesterday afternoon. I'm still tired. We came home with money, which is always nice. Tomorrow we're going shopping for new living room furniture. Yeah, we came home with a nice little chunk of change :)

Crash is now driving. I still swear that I'm not old enough to have a child old enough to drive! She passed her test on the second try. I can't blame her too much for the first failure, as she was only getting into the turn lane like she must do to turn on to our street. However, when you scare the testing person, they pretty much fail you on the spot. We spent the rest of the day of the test failure practicing changing lanes gracefully, and she passed with flying colors the second time around. I got a little freaked out the following weekend when she followed John and I to Costco to fill up her gas tank. It hit me that my child was in a car, driving, behind me! And I wasn't with her! And she could, potentially, hit my new car! She didnt, and was rewarded with a full tank of gas.

Other than Vegas, nothing much going on. It is back to work on Monday, and then hoping for another deployment so I can make more money to go back to Vegas. I've got more trips planned already...Atlanta for training at the end of this month, Seattle in September to spend some quality drinking time with Michelle #1, and Orlando in October with Crash, which should be wonderful for her and scary as hell for me since we're going to do Halloween Horror Nights. Finally, John and I will head down to Biloxi in November for a long weekend and to catch up with some friends. And yes, I'm already trying to plan another trip to to save up another few grand so that we can go back in January or February to scope out places to renew our vows.

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