June 16, 2006

Good Day

It was a very good day. In three days I had over $625 donated so that we could buy children's books for the library in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

First, I had a bunch of people handing me money. That is always a good thing.

Then, we decided that we had to get some lunch first. Fuel for shopping and whatnot.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble, which opened recently after the hurricane. They didn't like us taking photos in the store, so I'm quite sad to say that there are no pictures of us having an absolutely wonderful time shopping for all the books. The clerks in the children's section were just as excited as we were and helped us out a whole bunch by keeping a running total of our purchase. They also made some wonderful suggestions on books.

We finally emerged with a long receipt totaling exactly $600. The girl on the left is Sherri, who I work with for 12 hours every day. The girl on the right is one of the clerks who helped us. I would be the one in the middle looking like I'm wearing clown clothes since all my clothes are too big now.

We loaded our haul into the car and headed back to the office to make a list of all the books and put the book plates in them.

After we were done with the listing and labeling, we headed off to visit Miss Sally at the library. To say that she was over the moon would be an understatement. She was commenting on all the books that we'd bought and exclaiming how each one was perfect. She's holding a book called "A Girl and Her Gator", which I had picked out because the artwork caught my eye. That is Miss Sally on the right. The polite young man on the left is Jim, a Quality Assurance person here from West (by God) Virginia. He's been here for 90 days and is leaving next week.

It was almost like story time with Miss Sally. The book she is holding is about how little Russell the sheep can't fall asleep. The art in the book is awesome and every time I looked at a page I noticed something different. And the pictures of the sheep sleeping are hilarious!

I had to include this picture for a few reasons. First, the new face in the picture is Patty, who was actually taking most of the pictures today. Second, can you read the book that Miss Sally is holding up in front of Jim? Yes, it is called "I Like Myself!"

Here we are holding all the books that we bought today. I'm holding books 1-12 of the A Series of Unfortunate Events!

There you have it. Our very good day. Donating the books was great, and knowing that I've still got more money to give so that they can order books that haven't been released yet is even better.

72 books for $600 donated by about 30 people.

Go get some good feelings for yourself and donate some books!

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