June 12, 2006

Get yourself some good karma...

Go there and donate books. Or money. Or books AND money.

I am going to go buy some books and deliver them in person to the library in Pass Christian. I'll post some pictures of the little field trip.

Life here is pretty much the same. I did take off a Saturday and Sunday to spend the weekend in New Orleans with John and Crash. We stayed at the Inn on Bourbon and it was lovely. We got a balcony over Bourbon St and had a great time throwing beads down to the drunks. On Saturday we had a great lunch at Margaritaville with my parents. Always a great time seeing them. Hopefully we can get together again when we all have more time.

I'll be here until the end of this month, then my presence is 'required' back at the office. While I will feel bad knowing that I'm leaving before the job is completed, there are still going to be some great people here to finish things up and do whatever else needs to be done. I did find out that I was selected to go to training for our "strike team", which means we'd deploy first in the event of a disaster. I've got a lot of pre-training stuff to do, as well as a week of training before John and I head off to Vegas at the end of July.

Still going to Curves at least three times a week. Weight loss is spradic, but the clothes are still getting looser and looser so I'm not going to complain. I did go in to the Gap the other day and walked out with a bag of clothes that fit. It was pretty nice buying things from someplace besides the fat lady store. Loss so far is about 50 pounds and moving out of clothes with a W at the end of the size tag.

I'm off to shower and get some sleep. Don't forget to donate! And visit the site and let them know what you donated!

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