March 31, 2006


I know, I haven't been writing again. I promise, no secret surgeries or anything. I was totally tired when I got home from work for the first week or so. Like exhausted tired. Like go to bed at 630pm and sleep like a rock tired. Thankully I'm able to stay awake a little later each night. I was even wake until 11pm the other night when we went to the Motley Crue concert! Oh, and speaking of, I would love a recording of the solo that Tommy Lee does. It was quite techno sounding and I was probably one of the few people in the arena that actually really liked it!

So I'm deploying again! This time I'll be down on the actual gulf in Mississippi. I leave on Monday morning, so the rest of this weekend will be spent making sure that I've packed everything that I need to pack. I'm even going to take my tiny fridge that I'd bought.

Still sitting at about 25 pounds lost. I'm trying to stay off the scale and just be happy that all my pants are getting loose :)

Posted by rowEn at 04:41 PM