March 19, 2006


Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm actually looking forward to being out of the house for a full day. I can only watch so much daytime TV without losing more brain cells!

Yesterday John and I spent the day outside gardening. We pulled up two ugly bushes in the front bed. Then we planted some bulbs and put two of my larger rose bushes into the ground. I think they'll be happier there, since that area gets much more sun than they got in the back. We also bought two more bare root roses (Moonstone and Peace) that we placed in the front bed as well. I'll certainly be babying them this Spring. All of the other roses are doing wonderfully well in the pots out back. I have a feeling that more of them will end up in the front beds in the next year.

In the large bed under the dogwoods we planted some more bulbs along the monkey grass border. Then, behind that in the semi-circle bed, we'll just plant shade wildflowers. I'll go toss some seeds every week for a month out there, just to keep a constant bloom going on things. In the summer it is way too shady for any kind of rose bush (which we sadly found out the first summer we were here) so wildflowers it is. I didn't want to feel like half my yard was hostas, which I have under the Japanese Magnolia in the front.

I'd go take some pictures so you can see the difference, but of course it is raining this morning. I think I'll wait a little while and take some pictures once things start to bloom. We're also going to be redoing the outside portion of the enclosed front porch, mainly so that it looks more professional and neat. I'd like a nice bead board out there, going up and down. Then we can repaint the exterior, put some insulation in, then drywall the interior like it should be done. I think we'll tear down the ceiling on the porch to see what's up there. I'd really like to have a ceiling fan out there, but we don't have quite enough room with the ceiling as it is. Perhaps we can once we take that out. If nothing more, I can put some decent lighting out there.

That's about it. Oh, here are the lovely Get Well flowers that were given to me! My room smells lovely!!!

Flowers from Eileen and Daddy

Flowers from my sister Monica

the first bouquet of roses from John

the second bouquet of roses from John

Aren't they all just beautiful??

Have a great week and I'll keep you all posted on how I do. I'm taking Crash with me on the first day, so she can do my filing and also carry anything I need carried in to work. I've also got some boxes at work that need to come home, so she can load those into the car for me.

Oh....and 20 pounds gone as of this morning :)

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