March 10, 2006


I'm home. I'm sore. I'm 'rearranged'. I'm sore.

I'll give you all the general recap of what happened...

On Monday, the 6th, I had to be only on clear liquids as well as take the bowel prep. I was NOT having a good day and waking up with a bad headache wasn't helping things. I was dehydrated and knew it, but no matter how much water I drank that day, nothing seemed to help until John brought me a few extra strength Tylenol. We had to drive to Birmingham, and thankfully by the time we got to the hotel I was no longer in danger of getting sick from the headache. I am also now a big fan of the Propel fitness water.

Tuesday morning I was up and in the shower by 4am. We reported to the hospital at 5am and got done with admitting within 15 minutes. When we reported to the surgical floor we were told that surgeries don't start until 8am (!!!!) but that we might be called back sooner than that. I sat down, prepared to wait for a long time. Within about 20 minutes I was called back to change into the hospital gown and try to pee for one last pregnancy test (routine, and no, I'm obviously NOT!) They finally brought John back to me and we sat around waiting for them to put the good stuff in the IV and wheel me off. Once they got the negative results, I was given some good drugs. I think I promptly fell asleep, since I don't remember saying goodbye to John nor being wheeled into surgery. I do remember getting on the operating table and the whole mask thing. Then I remember waking up.

Pain. Lots and lots of pain. The thing about pain is that it tends to make me feel sick to my stomach if it is bad enough. I was pretty drugged and couldn't tell the difference, so they kept pumping me up with either morphine or anti-nausea drugs. Once my pain was at a manageable level they released me from Recovery and sent me to the room. I remember John being there. I remember being annoyed at the nurses that needed to take my vitals. I kept feeling like I was sliding down the bed, so I raised my legs up a bit with the button and found a slight v-shape to rest my ass in.

My hospital stay can be summed up with my not sleeping more than a few hours at a time, bad television, clear liquids, and lots of walking. I won't bore you all with the details, but the doctors were pleased when they would come to see me and I was released immediately after lunch on Thursday, the 9th.

The ride home from the hospital was probably the longest two hours I've spent in a vehicle. I hadn't had any pain meds since the night before, so every little bump in the road was an unpleasant experience. John finally got us home and deposited me onto the couch once I'd changed my clothes. Then, being the angel that he is, he went to get my prescription for the liquid lortab filled. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see him come back home as I was after that trip.

The Lortab helps a lot with the pain. I'm still sore, but it is manageable. I'm 'eating' liquids and will add in a protein shake tomorrow. My doctor's after-surgery diet is much more liberal than most, so I'm trying to find a nice middle ground that will allow my pouch to heal without scaring me. I'm drinking more than 48oz of water a day, usually closer to 64. That is a lot of sipping people! I can't drink with meals, and I'm not supposed to drink for 15 minutes prior and 30 minutes after 'eating'. Today I had a total of 8 fluid ounces of soup. And lots of water. Tomorrow I will have 8 fluid ounces of soup, 4 ounces of a protein shake...and lots of water. I think tomorrow's diet will pretty much be the one I follow until I have my follow-up appointment with the surgeon on the 27th. Not only do I want to maximize healing, I'd also like to maximize the beginning weight I lose.

The Lortab is starting to kick in again so I'm going to go lay in bed and take advantage of it for a few hours.

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