January 20, 2006


I wish that there was a lot more to say. Unfortunately I've been busy as hell at work and trying not to get sick. Today I finally threw in the towel at lunch and came home to suffer in relative silence...save for the hacking up my lungs and whatnot.

We've been slowly working around the house trying to de-clutter it as best we can. We got the office cleaned out enough to put both computers in there, so now the living room doesn't look so strange. We've cleaned out closets and dresser drawers. Really, fun and exciting stuff...so you can see why I haven't been updating.

28 days until my trip to Vegas. I'm thinking about deploying again for a month after that. John is doing well with both of his college classes, though they keep him pretty busy. Crash is doing OK in most of her classes, but is usually grounded for not doing her homework. Hopefully she will understand that we're NOT fooling around when it comes to ger grades.

I'm going to go pass out in bed now. Take care and stay away from the people that are sick!

Posted by rowEn at 12:40 PM