December 31, 2005


I suppose, since I have exactly 28 minutes in which to do it, that I should do the "this was quite a year" entry, huh?

January started off at a killer bed and breakfast bar in Lafayette, LA with both my father and a bar...drinking champagne. Model parents, aren't we? We came home and did some unpacking and more moving boxes out to the garages just to get them out of the way. Most are still there.

February found us still trying to get settled here and all the fun that comes from not only moving but leaving a job John had for 23 years. I practically held my breath all day on the 28th, afraid that the phone would ring and someone would say, "Oops, we made a mistake, he can't retire!" I interviewed for a job and was convinced I didn't get it.

March bounded in with the news that they liked me, they really liked me! I was hired, though I wouldn't start until almost the end of the month. John interviewed for another job and found out that he was well liked as well. The month's highlight was a visit from my son and his wife. I was just over the moon on that occurrence.

April was filled with gardening and getting settled in our new jobs. John bought me an iPod and brought me to the dark side.

May was spent trying to figure out how the hell it got so damn hot so fast. We also had Crash scratch up my car.

In June I got to go back to Louisiana to visit my dad and then spend five days in New Orleans. In retrospect it was a memorable trip, seeing what was to come a few months later.

July found Crash turning 15 and eligible for her learner's permit. It didn't give her the magical powers not to wreck her father's truck, but all in all, a good month. I still can't believe I'm the parent to a teenager.

August really was the dog days of summer. We did have a lovely trip to Vegas to see some dear friends get married (finally!). The end of the month found me a little busy at work, what with the hurricane and all.

September came in with a sense of duty, so I volunteered to head south to help out with recovery efforts in Mississippi.

October flew by with my deployment. I did get to come home for a few days to visit Crash and John.

November is when I came home from Mississippi. The deployment was one of the most emotional things I've done in my life. If I didn't have a few things planned for early 2006, I'd already be deployed again.

December found us in the flurry of getting ready for the holidays. It isn't so much about the presents as finding time to spend with family and friends. I've got a wonderful family of my own that I hardly get to see. A wonderful family by marriage that I see all the time and love dearly. I made some incredible friends while deployed and will hopefully keep them in the coming new year.

My only resolution this year is "just do it." Seeing everything that I did while deployed, I realized that there is no point in waiting. Just do it. Maybe Nike has the right idea.

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