December 26, 2005


Christmas aftermath...or why I am sitting here instead of out shopping for more holiday decorations that I don't really need.

It was a lovely holiday, save for the strange saliva gland infection/blockage and the horrible idea I had to take one of John's antibiotic pills. On Friday morning I got in to work at 7am as usual. Since there was a ton of food sitting on my desk from the previous day, I decided to try one of the meringues that were sitting there. Big, giant, huge, fat mistake. I felt like there was a sudden muscle cramp just below my left ear/jaw area. It wasn't any better when we all went out to breakfast. After I left work at noon, I stopped and did a little last minute shopping and came home. No matter what I ate, my jaw was killing me.

On Christmas Eve morning I decided to take the antibiotic pill. I had researched quite a bit on the internet (and isn't THAT how you want to spend your Christmas Eve morning?) and figured that I really didn't have an ear infection. No fever...just the horrible pain/cramping when I ate something as well as a nice lump just below the jaw bone.

We went over to John's dad's house and did the eating and gift-opening bit. The plan was to then stop at his mom's house then head out to Christmas Eve service at church. On the way there I decided that I really should be at home, not out in public. I was dropped off here at the house and John and Crash went on their merry way. I popped some aleve and sat down on the couch. I don't' think it was more than a few minutes before I was sleeping. He called a few times to check on me and after about the third call I just gave up and went to crawl in bed.

I think it was about 2:50am when we both ended up waking up needing to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the side of the bed and told John we should start the coffee and get things ready for breakfast. Then I looked at the clock. He crawled back in bed and I laid there for about an hour before realizing that there was no way I was going back to sleep. I'm sure that going to sleep at 6pm had nothing to do with this. I got up, made some coffee and flipped on the Yule Log channel (which I had TiVoed!) and got to work finishing up the stockings. By the time I was done, John had woken up and come out in search of coffee. It was the late morning hour of 4:30am.

Look, we held out as long as we could, but at 5am we finally ran up the stairs to wake up Crash. She was less than thrilled with us. We unpacked our stockings and had a good laugh with all the toys therein. We opened all of our gifts to each other and really had a nice time. John bought me a FoodSaver and I was dying to get into the kitchen to see what I could seal up.

Christmas Day was spent at John's mom's house with all of the family. The kids were entertained for hours with the play-doh sets we had purchased for them, so it was all good. We came home and decided to skip cooking our Christmas dinner and had chicken soup instead. Party animals that we are, I think we were asleep by 9pm.

That leaves us with today. We have rearranged the saltwater tanks, moving the killer anemone to the second tank so that it stops eating all our fish. We've lost two expensive shrimp and a yellow-headed gobi to it. We are going to fix our lovely rib eye roast with some potatoes and asparagus for dinner. John is already napping this morning and I think that Crash is upstairs asleep since she was awake most of the night. Hopefully she wasn't on her new phone using all our minutes.

I'm dying to head out to Target to buy up Christmas decorations that are all on sale. I'd like to buy a different tree, one that is much narrower and doesn't take up so much room. Since everyone is asleep I just might do that right now.

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