December 22, 2005

Presents and lies

Is it OK to lie to your child a few days before Christmas if it means that they'll be surprised on Christmas morning? I certainly hope so, because I did it this afternoon when I got home.

We'd been talking for the past few weeks about getting her a new phone for Christmas. This afternoon I stopped by the cell phone store and looked at what our options are. We've got plenty of rollover minutes banked now, so we're hoping it is safe to just add a line for her. Of course, that also meant that we had to buy a new phone.

I bought this:

My new toy

Before you tell me that I'm crazy for getting that for her, know that it is MINE MINE MINE! They are having a special now so it made sense to get the phone that I really want and give her the phone that doesn't have instant messaging on it. Nor a camera.

When I came in the house carrying the Cingular bag she got all excited. I showed her the new phone and she was all jazzed. Then I told her that I had to get it because I'd dropped mine on the pavement outside work and it shattered. She bought the story hook, line, and sinker.

Now I am going to sit and read the manual so that I know how to use all the cool features. And have a beer. And watch funny videos on TV. And have a beer. And eat some cookies. And maybe have another beer.

Posted by rowEn at 06:04 PM