December 21, 2005

Baking by phone

My phone was ringing off the hook at work today. There were a few token work calls about this, that, and the other. On the whole, though, the majority of them were from Crash.

She decided that she was going to bake sugar cookies. Now, with her being 15.5, we do trust her to actually use heat-emitting appliances without too much worry. The problem comes in that she doesn't always read all the directions before she starts.

First was putting together the dough and getting it into the fridge to chill. If I'm not mistaken, she ended up making two batches because she had dumped all the ingredients into the mixer at one time, rather than creaming the sugar and butter first. Lesson learned and the second batch was prepared in the proper order.

After it was chilled for two hours, she pulled it out and prepared to roll out the dough and make cookies. Until she realized that the dough was pretty crumbly and wouldn't stick together. After about four more phone calls with my instructing her to slowly add either milk or flour a tablespoon at a time, she finally called to say she'd rolled and cut out the first batch. I was a little worried that it would end up a triple batch what with all the liquid/flour adding, but they taste pretty good so I am not going to complain.

I will complain about the mess she left in the kitchen while she went off to her counselor's office. I think she used every utensil in the drawer to mix/bake/cool the cookies. Sugar in my gravy separator? Check. Tiny salad tongs dirty? Check. Five cookie sheets dirty? Check. Dirty mixer, bowl and paddle? Check.

I finally got the entire mess cleaned up and all the dishes washed. We then had a nice junkyard salad for dinner (that is where you put in whatever is left, salad-wise, then toss on some feta cheese and bacon and call it all good!) I made some icing for the cookies and then we iced and sprinkled them with various sprinkley stuff.

Now I'm sitting here having a nice dark beer watching a Very Brady Christmas. Everyone is now singing to free Mike Brady from the collapsing building. The look on his face was one of annoyance if I've ever seen one. "I'm sitting here trapped in this mess and they are out there singing? That is the best idea they can come up with?" And would someone please slap the writer who came up with the reporter's lines?

Oh dear flying spaghetti monster, they are playing the movie again...I'm doomed and will now be forced to watch it all the way through.

Posted by rowEn at 08:59 PM