December 20, 2005


So I am now home and all showered. It took about four washings to get all the gunk they used to stick stuff to my scalp out of my hair. When I looked in the mirror after the woman unhooked all my leads, I was shocked to see a serious case of pillow-face staring back at me. To make it worse, I had embedded the outline of the various tubes that had been stuck up my nose right across my left cheek. I was one sexy morning person! The sleep study itself wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. The nurse told me I slept all night and dreamt a lot. I did wake up a few times but quickly went back to sleep. I think it was more about not sleeping in my own bed and having all the wires in the way that made me wake up. No follow-up was scheduled so I'm going to assume that I do not, in fact, have sleep apnea and my big 'ol tongue doesn't bother me in the least.

Right now I am waiting for Crash to get home from school. she should be here in about an hour or so. Her last exam of the semester is this morning then she is free to go. I know that she'll just barely squeak by with her grades, but we're still giving her a hard time about them. If she hadn't made the stupid mistake of skipping school that one day she'd have great grades. There are days when she is still a little bitter about the fact that John wouldn't lie for her and give her an excuse for missing that day. Instead he had her put on in-school suspension for two days. She wheeled, dealed, groveled, and worked her butt off for the last three weeks just to ensure she'd end up with a 65. She only tanked one exam, but thankfully that was in her math class where she had a good grade anyway. She can sail through math and science with her eyes closed and little effort and still come out on the other end with a decent grade.

We're going to have a girls day when she gets home. Have a little lunch, brush our teeth well, visit the orthodonist and then hit the malls. We both need our nails done and I think a pedicure is also in order. Then we have some shopping to do to finish up everything on the list. I have a few more things to pick up for John and the rest of his family. I also need to order the present for my parents, but that needs to stay a secret since they read here. Maybe I'll do that right now...

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