December 19, 2005


You know what I hate? I hate when you get a phone call that reminds you of something that you totally forgot. As soon as the woman said where she was calling from I knew I had forgotten an important appointment. And not only did I forget this appointment, I forgot to call last week and pre-register for said appointment.

I'm having a sleep study done. Evidently I have a freak of a tongue (and won't THAT statement bring the googling perverts a-runnin!) that is a little larger than normal. And evidently I snore, but since I'm asleep at the time I don't really notice so I'm taking John and Crash's word on this. I'm not that convinced that I have sleeping problems, but a surprising number of people at work have had sleep studies and the majority of them ended up using the machines while they sleep. So maybe I'm not a freak.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday. I enjoyed it while sitting on the couch in my jammies, watching a bunch of movies. I watched the netflix movies that were making me feel guilty, as well as a few Christmas movies. It was so boring and un-noteworthy that I didn't even bother writing an entry. And now, since I won't be home for the remainder of the evening, I figured I should catch up a little.

I'm going to take all day off work tomorrow. Crash has another orthodontist appointment to get her lost retainer replaced. I need to get my nails done. I need to do more shopping. There is absolutely no way that I can take off any other day this week, so tomorrow ended up working out great.

For now I'm going to go make sure that I have clean jammies to wear tonight, take a shower and eat dinner. Then I'm off to the sleep study slumber party for a night of wires and beeps and waking me up. Oh joy.

Posted by rowEn at 04:36 PM