December 14, 2005


I'm home alone right this minute. That will change in about 25 minutes or so, but for now it is me and the cats and the sounds coming from the dryer. I would be folding laundry right this second save for the big cracking sounds when I went and opened the dryer after floofing the clothes for a few minutes. Seems that whoever put them in the dryer forgot the all important dryer sheet. The static almost grabbed me and pulled me into the dryer itself, but I held out, wet a hand towel, tossed it in, added the dryer sheet and turned it back on.

I guess more floofing is in order.

I'm in the middle of trying to not only declutter but deep clean the house. I'm not sure what has come over me since Sunday but I just feel the need to get it done. I always feel so much better sitting around in a very clean, neat house. At least I don't feel guilty like one does when sitting around in a cluttered house.

So far I have the kitchen, dining room and laundry rooms completed. We didn't tackle a room last night but we did do laundry. I would love to get the office done so that we can put both computers in there and figure out what we have to do to have both computers online at the same time. Future house plans this week include:

- Cleaning out the office and moving my laptop from the living room coffee table. I would also like to move a small TV in there, but I'm not quite sure where we would put it.

- Cleaning up the guest bedroom and moving the full size bed upstairs into Crash's room so that she can stop sleeping on the futon. I think as long as we agree that she can keep the futon up there as a couch, she'll relent and let us put the bed in there.

- Cleaning all the clothes that I don't wear out of my dresser so that the clothes I do wear have a home. Stacking them neatly on the floor just isn't do it for me any longer. I'd like to pretend I'm a grown-up that uses her dresser as intended.

- De-cluttering all the shelves (and there are many!) in the living room so that it doesn't feel so cramped in here. I would imagine moving my laptop from the coffee table would help a lot as well. But the tv is in here and I like having it on in the evenings, hence the need for a tv in the office.

I need to get moving again or nothing else will get done this evening. I don't know how well the idea of cleaning out the office will go over but I'm going to give it a shot. I'm tired of sitting on the floor to use the computer. Hopefully the clothes are now de-static'd and I can fold them and go on with the whole laundry chore and get it done with. Heck, I might even iron a shirt later.

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