December 12, 2005


Today I got my first Christmas present. I would claim that it is part of the whole Twelve Days of Christmas or something, but upon counting I discovered it would be more like the Fourteen Days of Christmas. What would the next two days be? Thirteen pimps a-pimping? Fourteen hos a-hoing?

Either way, I got a lovely gift from one of the women that I was deployed with. She mailed me some Richard Cheese CDs as well as the most perfect calendar in the world. It is called "The B-word". There are great retro pictures with wonderfully horrid sayings, such as:



You go girl

Obviously, I am in love with the whole thing. I wish I could take it to work, since I know a few people that would love it, but alas, I work in a politically correct environment and would be written up in a heartbeat. Those two pictures are the tamest of the lot.

Thank you Teri. I love all the presents and will be listening to Ricardo Queso in the car for the next few trips!

Posted by rowEn at 07:59 PM