December 11, 2005


Today was cookie day in the backbite household.

I woke up and just decided that it was going to be a day to make cookies. Then I walked into the kitchen and realized that as a family of pile-makers, I had no counter space. So the first bit of time was spent clearing off the counters and putting stuff away or just putting it directly into the trash. Then I decided to rearrange things a little bit which also meant that the tops and unders of most things needed to be cleaned. By the time I was done I had three counter tops that could be utilized for the cookie-a-thon.

First I made the pre-packaged white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. They are John's favorite and I figured that I could distract him and Crash with them. My plan worked. Of course they turned out pretty well since all I had to do was open the package and put them on the cookie sheet.

The second batch was using a recipe that I found in an old book I found. I've always called them Russian Teacakes but they are also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes. Either name, they are the lovely little round cookies that get rolled in powdered sugar a few times. Quite a mess to make but so worth it in the end.

The third batch is a type of cookie that I make every year. Magic cookie bars. I'm not sure why I make them, since they aren't the favorite of anyone, but it probably goes back to just feeling right. It isn't quite the holiday season unless magic cookies are made...and I only used about half the coconut.

The last batch for today was a basic chocolate cookie recipe but we used a chocolate/peanut butter swirled chip instead. They turned out nice and flat and both a little crunchy and a little soft, all at the same time. So far they are the favorites.

That is it for the cookies today. We realized that the Survivor finale was on tonight and now I'm writing this during commercial breaks so that I don't miss anything.

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