December 08, 2005


I spent the morning at work discovering for the bazillionth time that I am more of an idea person than someone who can execute said ideas.

I have been tasked with decorating the conference room for our floor. This room will be used when we have our open house and hundreds of people walk through, eat our cookies and goodies and go "oooohhhh" and "aaahhhh" at the decorations. Not that there is any pressure or anything.

When I heard it needed to be done I made my fatal mistake. I immediately spoke up and gave my idea: Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Evidently if you come up with an idea, people seem to assume that you've also got some grand plan behind it on how to make everything look like an actual winter wonderland. Never mind that we're in the south, inside a building that is kept too darn hot, and on the third floor. No, I was sucked into this whole thing, kicking and screaming.

I am not a crafty person. I bought a knitting kit with directions and such and couldn't get past knotting the yarn on to the needles. I can't draw a stick person that even comes close to resembling a stick person. I can't thread a sewing machine. I think most days I do well to tie my own shoes and write my name in a somewhat legible manner. Yes, let's have ME decorate your conference room!

I'll go ahead and tell you the plans, since again, I have no problem sharing the idea...I just have no idea how to go about making it all happen in person.

Lots of blue and white lights. White and light blue "icicles" hanging from the ceiling. More blue lights on the walls in a swaggy-garlandy fashion. There is an obscene amount of blue and silver garland that goes around three of the four walls, right at the chair rail. Four sets of blue lights hanging from the ceiling in between the icicles strung from each corner toward the center of the room. White lights strung along the hanging light fixtures over the table.

And that is it. Unless someone shows up with a bunch of extra stuff tomorrow, I don't have any more plans (if you can call them that) for what to do in the room. I'm hoping that perhaps if it is a little dark in the room, people can be fooled into thinking that maybe they really are walking into a 74 degree winter wonderland with slinky flash-y things hanging from the ceiling and strange blue lights everywhere. I'm also hoping that maybe only very young children and old people with bad eyesight enter the room. It just might look pretty good to them.

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