November 12, 2005


My brain didn't really explode...but it was a close call. We finished the pay estimates and boxed up all the tickets and such that were reconciled. We also sent off two of the admin staff (out of four) to go to another office to enter tickets. Come to find out that our office was the ONLY office in the state actually doing what we were supposed to be doing. Who knew? We could have been slackers and stopped doing the tickets correctly like everyone else!

I'm in Vicksburg, MS for the next few days. Since all the tickets and related databases were sent here, all the reconciling is being done here as well. The girls up here asked me to come up for a bit before heading home for good to help them out. Good thing I did, since they were doing exactly what I'd done on the first PE. Way too much work. I explained all the ins and out of everything and everyone is much more relaxed about the whole thing. None of it is going to match exactly, and we can't change the contractor's bill, so whatever doesn't match just doesn't match and we can't pay it yet. End of story.

I am VERY much looking forward to going home on Monday. Weekends and Fridays don't have much meaning right now and I'm sure I won't know what to do with myself after just 8 hours a day of work. I'm taking off on Friday, the 18th so that I can go see the new Harry Potter movie. I hope that there will be a midnight showing but if not, I'll be at the first one with everyone else I imagine.

Time to go shower and get ready for my last weekend of work for a while.

Posted by rowEn at 06:03 AM