October 24, 2005


Hello. My name is Michelle. My brain has melted from learning Access.

We're doing pay estimates from the contractor now. Just inputting the tickets was fine, but now we're analyzing data, running a bazillion different reports, searching for actual paper tickets, etc etc.

I think my brain actually stopped working at about 11am this morning. I finally had to have the other admin start looking for missing tickets, since I'd gone through them so many times I really wasn't even seeing the numbers any longer. Fortunately her brain was still active and she found everything I needed to finish our end of the paperwork. Once it was all said and done, we'd done an excellent job.

I got home from dinner to find an email with pay estimate two.

I fear my brain is not only going to melt tomorrow, it will just explode.

Posted by rowEn at 08:45 PM