October 04, 2005


Good Morning.

Change 239487239847. Looks like I'm NOT staying here two months. I'll be going home for good in two weeks. My home organization denied the request by the people here to keep me an extra month.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I'm very disappointed that I won't be staying here, and it isn't all about the money. We're very busy and the office is doing a lot of good work. I don't really think that the reason for denying the request is all that valid, but who am I to judge that, right?

On the other hand, I feel totally flattered that my bosses think that they just can't get it all done with my being gone for another month. A few of the people here in the office said, "Hell, I'd want her home as soon as possible too!" which was very nice. Evidently, in an emergency, I'm the admin you want :) I have no problem doing the dirty work and I'll work until it is done. I wish that all the people who are deployed felt that way.

When I was inprocessing and finding out where I would be sent, I paired up with another woman who had deployed a number of times in the past. At dinner I had just one question for her concerning what was about to happen. I asked her exactly what would be expected of me as the admin. Her answer should be disseminated to every single admin that is going to deploy. "You need to do whatever the resident engineer asks." That was it, plain and simple answer that covered all the bases.

I don't know if I'll get to deploy again for this disaster. I know that if nobody intervenes and I go home, that I'll get whatever it is that need to be done completed and then perhaps look for another tasker. Right now though, it looks like I'll be heading home on the 15th and back to work on the 17th. I'm pretty OK with that for now and figure I'll end up wherever it is that I'm needed the most.

PS - Eileen, I got your email but I can't send from the hotel. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement :) Make sure Daddy is resting enough! I'll email you guys soon!

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