September 27, 2005


So then this happened...

I'm sure you all heard about the next hurricane to blow around down here. Rita I think her name was? Yeah, quite bitchy she was.

Our temporary office was flooded. As in I had to go put on boots and everything to go in there and try to salvage what we'd moved to the front of the office to make sure it didn't get wet. There were two power supplies that got ruined (not mine, thankfully!) and a whole lot of paperwork and shirts that got trashed. We were basically homeless office workers.

We all went in, got out what we could, and loaded up our cars with wet boxes. The boss asked who was at the HIEX, and since that was me, my room became the internet hub for two days. We also borrowed some table space from one of our contractors so that we could still enter our tickets.

Today we got a new office. It is actually quite nice and we're trying not to tell the other EROs (emergency regional offices) so that they don't get jealous. We're in a lawyer's office and we've all got plenty of space. The phone lines are a little wonky and we can't figure out how to fax yet, but there is a copy machine and plenty of big tables for us to use. We're no longer trying to cram four people into the space of one. Hopefully they'll have the internet connection to that office up and running tomorrow, because I can't send any backbite mail from the hotel room.

After work tonight I went and bought a small cube-sized fridge. It was only $50 and it will be nice to have cold bottled water again. It is small enough to fit in the car and for me to carry it, so I'll take it home with me or sell it before I leave.

I am exhausted and going to go shower then fall into bed.

Posted by rowEn at 08:53 PM