September 25, 2005


I'm afraid I'll start sounding like a loop: "Today I entered tickets for twelve hours, then came back to the hotel and entered tickets for another two hours."

That really is what is going on, and it isn't like a whole bunch of exciting things happen to you while you are glued to a keyboard for the majority of your day. I did dodge a bunch of bugs when I was outside talking on the phone to my parents.

We almost had half a day off but then that ended up not working out. We still have to ensure that we can support the contractors, and we are just barely doing that right now with two admin people. Unless we get another admin person to help out, we are not going to get the 6 hours off a week.

I did laundry last night. I parked right in front of the room where they have treadmills, and noticed there was a washer and dryer. I went in, no clothes in the washer, so I ran down to my room and gathered up all my socks, undies, white shirts and a light pair of jeans and took them all down to be washed. When I went to put them all in the dryer, that's when I noticed that somebody had flipped back the "Out of order" sign that was on the dryer. It heats up but doesn't turn the drum. Yeah...that's just great! I now have socks hanging off of the front of my dresser, underwear being held over the AC with bottles of water, damp shirts and jeans hanging up by the bathroom. I'm hoping they dry in the next day or so, and maybe I'll go to wallyworld to get a drying rack or something.

At least my room smells like clean laundry now :)

Posted by rowEn at 06:05 AM