September 24, 2005


Good morning.

I had to drive to Jackson yesterday to exchange my rental car. The vents in the old one stopped working. I only had AC in the defrost vents, and when it is raining outside? Not so safe, trust me on this.

Almost ready for work this morning. Worked until like 1030 last night putting tickets into the database. I was finally sitting at the table here in the room, a pillow on my lap and the wireless keyboard on top of it. When even that was uncomfortable I just gave up and called it a night. Thank goodness for massaging showers, since I stood there and let it beat on my arm for a good long while this morning.

Daddy, I tried calling you for a few hours yesterday and wasn't able to get through. I hope you guys are all OK and weathering the storm well. Please email me when you get a chance.

I'm off to work...

Posted by rowEn at 06:34 AM