September 22, 2005


Hooray for internet in my room now!

I changed hotels. When the HI Express had an opening I snapped that puppy up and quick. Much nicer and no bugs! No fridge and microwave, but I've got a coffee maker. It is all about the trade-offs I suppose.

I have no idea when I'm going home now. We're hearing that we're going to be extended here for at least 30 days, perhaps 60. I called John and had him cancel the vacation. Thank goodness I purchased the vacation insurance! I'm hoping that the cost of the insurance is all I'll lose. Figuring out if the park tickets and such were refundable was a little sketchy, but hopefully they'll be nice and give it all back.

We're still working 12 hour days, but tonight I'm not entering more tickets here in the room. Well, I might after I post this, but the bed is looking mighty inviting and I might just go to bed.

The rains have already started down here. I suppose I should dig out the rain jacket for the next few days. I dread wearing it, since it is so damn hot, but I'd rather not try pretending that I'm in a wet work shirt contest.

I have to call the car rental place and try to get a new car. The damn vents in mine don't work! This will not do, not when the temps are in the 90s and the heat index is over 100. I can get AC through the defrost vents, but that's about it. Great, my forehead is nice and cool while the rest of me melts.

I think I'm going to go to sleep. Stay safe everyone!

Posted by rowEn at 09:33 PM