September 21, 2005


I am exhausted. Completely and utterly exhausted. And I'm doing paperwork all day, which you wouldn't think would make one so tired, but you try sitting in an office with no air conditioning, typing information into Access for 12 hours a day. Besides feeling like Iím going to go blind, I have no desire to EVER to data entry as a job. Ever.

I'm in Southern Mississippi, for those playing along with the home game. I'm working at a regional staging area where we take and dispose of debris from the storm.

I am hot, sweaty and mostly not cranky, if you can believe it. We're so busy that the day really does fly by and before I realize it, we're packing up to go back to the hotel. I have been bringing work home and doing an additional two hours or so of work once I get back. It isn't so bad, especially since I can sit in the hotel room with the AC blasting on high.

A little less than three weeks until it is time to go home. At this point, I just hope I get the office all caught up on the paperwork before I go.

These guys are working hard, being outside in the sun for 12+ hours per day. They deserve every penny they are making, trust me.

I'm going to bed and will post this when I get to work tomorrow. We have internet there but not here at the hotel.

I'll wait and tell you the horrors of the hotel tomorrow night if my hands haven't fallen off by then.

*written 09-20-2005 at about 930pm*

Posted by rowEn at 07:24 AM