September 11, 2005


I had to go into work this afternoon to finish up some work. On Friday I had thrown my name into the hat for going down south to help out one of our staging areas. While I was at work this afternoon I got the email that I'd been selected. Not sure exactly what day I'll be leaving, but it will be this week for sure. I'll be home on the 6th of October.

We had a nice time in Nashville and I'm looking forward to going back and spending more time. There is a lot to do and only so many places we could go in the evening with teenagers in tow.

Not sure if I'll be taking the computer, though there is supposedly a free wi-fi spot not far from where I'll be. Might be nice to have it for email and pictures.

I'll try and update again before I go.

Posted by rowEn at 07:12 PM