August 23, 2005


Let's see how fast I can type all this, because you just know I can't miss the beginning of Big Brother to find out what lovely catfights are going to happen now that Beau is HOH, right?!!

So Vegas...

Yes, we did indeed go, but I have very little proof of alleged trip. I didn't take one damn picture of John and I. I know, and I was all excited about taking strange pictures and whatnot. Who knew that if you were actually WINNING money, you are less likely to pull out the camera, since that would kill some time and you might not be winning as much/fast. Now before you think that we came home with a bazillion rolls of quarters or enough money to retire, please note that we pretty much came home with the money that we left with. I figure that as a win, since we were highly entertained for four days and my bank card wasn't in tears and refusing to leave my wallet. I learned many things in Vegas:

- When asked how long you are in town for, the correct answers are either "We live here, bye!" or "We're on our way to the airport right this very minute and don't have time to speak with you, bye!!" Really, trust me on this and feel free to use them next time you are on Fremont Street.

- There are penny machines all over the place now! And some of them are actually cool. And I don't hate the whole "ticket in/ticket out" thing like I thought I would, especially when I cashed up about $70.

- You can get very dehydrated and cranky in a short amount of time. Especially if you've handed off the driving duties to your husband and spent the day drinking beer. Lots of beer. And limes are NOT hydrating, I don't care what you've heard!

- You can score a new House of Blues shirt from your husband by doing the following: Make sure you throw away the lid to his iced coffee "on accident". Help him make a new iced coffee that fills the cup to the brim. Take off walking through the swanky Mandalay Bay casino. Stop to admire something. Stand around looking bored/lost/confused for a second. Make your husband think you are going to walk straight ahead. Make a quick left turn right in front of him, and make sure that he's holding his coffee in his right hand. Now this is very MUST be wearing a white t-shirt! Once said coffee has deposited itself both down your front and back, as well as entered your ear, you are now primed for a new shirt. A bonus is walking into the women's restroom and having a woman give you a horrified look and yelp, "Good God, what happened to you!!??" While you are trying to twist a paper towel into a q-tip, your husband can be off at the House of Blues gift shop buying you a new shirt. Really. It works. Trust me.

- Find out that you will cry when your friends get married. It was incredibly romantic and sweet. Decide right then and there that you yourself NEED a wedding. Decide that it should take place in 2007. This is your advance notice family...Vegas, November 1st (Day of the Dead!!! WHEEE!), 2007. I haven't decided where, all I know is that a tux and wedding dress WILL be involved. We'll have been together for 21 years in 2007. Vegas is just fitting.

- I also learned that I have no shame in trying to save the center seat on a Southwest Airlines flight. We were packed into our row on our way to Vegas, which I suppose is to be expected. When I heard the words, "...fairly full flight..." come over the intercom, I instructed John to move to the aisle seat quickly and to NOT make eye contact with anyone. I set our purchased meal (Burger King if you must know) on the middle seat and suddenly became very interested in the SkyMall catalog. It ended up working and we had the row to ourselves.

So there you have it. No pictures for you. Another trip is already in the planning stages for the girls. We need a chance to go be the party girls that we are.

We're heading to Nashville for Labor Day weekend. I get to spend time with friends from high school and I can't wait! We're taking Crash with us, mainly because we're not feeble-minded enough to leave her home alone, no matter how mature she tells us that she is.

I'm in the starting stages of planning a trip for Crash and I in October to Orlando. She wants to hit Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios so I'm holding that over her head in exchange for good grades (meaning no grades below a C). She had better be getting great grades for what this trip is going to cost me! I'm already up to almost $2K, but that is including park line passes and one VIP tour for the haunted houses. I'll keep you all updated on how the plans are coming along. I've already threatened her that I'll take all the money and go back to Vegas with John if she isn't doing well.

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