August 10, 2005


In casa you haven't seen already, there are some new pictures up in the gallery. The comments alone should be reason enough to click on each picture!

Not a lot going on. Had to get Crash ready for school again. So far so good, but then again we're only in the first week. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Finishing up the laundry tonight so that all the clothes we're taking to Vegas are clean and ready to be packed in the morning. Looks like we'll be able to get away with not checking a suitcase, so that is good. I'm sure we'll look like a sweet old married couple, our matching for me, blue for him. We'll try not to dress in matching outfits this weekend, don't worry.

I went and had a pedicure and manicure last weekend. I always wonder why I wait so long in between getting them. Since I got a full set of fakes, I'll need to go back every two weeks, so maybe I'll maintan the adorable toes I have now.

Crash is off to gran's house for the weekend. Don't get any funny ideas about breaking into the house or anything. We have killer cats, remember?

See everyone next week!

Posted by rowEn at 08:50 PM