July 24, 2005


I am glad today is over. Or almost over, since I'll be heading to bed soon after I update here.

We spent most of the day helping John's little sister pack and move some things to her new house. It is quite the cute little house and I'm sure she'll be making it a cozy home for her and the boys in short order. John will go over later this week to switch out some ceiling fans and light fixtures for her.

John's mom just called to let me know that my niece broke two bones in her arm, the part between the wrist and elbow. I'm sure if I'd have gotten a better grade in Biology or something I could tell you the names of the bones...but uh that didn't happen, so my description will have to do.

I guess she was helping out at the nursery at church and was holding a fussy baby. She got up to walk around with the baby and tripped over a toy. In her effort to protect the child she didn't protect herself. I guess she's pretty doped up at the hospital right now. They are waiting for the orthopedic surgeon to get out or surgery so that they can set her arm in a splint. From what I gathered from the phone call, she's on her second shot of drugs to make her sleep, so hopefully she won't even remember the splinting part.

I quickly assured my mother in law that of the three people in this portion of the family, two are already in bed. No injuries here, at least not tonight!

I'm off to switch out some laundry and head to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to keep cool!

Posted by rowEn at 09:30 PM