July 18, 2005


Wow. What a great weekend!

Michelle and Les were here, everyone was comfortable and talked non-stop! We ate lots of good food, had many good drinks and hours of great conversations. Of course, we realized as I took Michelle to the airport this morning that nobody took one damn picture the entire time. Yeah, we're smooth like that!

Crash's birthday was a big hit. We had lots of family here and one of her aunts was nice enough to buy her the new Harry Potter book. I finished reading it today so that I could give it back to Crash to read. I won't put any spoilers here or anything...but uh wow. I loved it and I'm already dying to read the 7th book.

I think we're all going to bed early tonight. John is already asleep, Crash is already in the shower and I'm sitting on the couch fading fast.

Posted by rowEn at 08:12 PM