July 14, 2005

07.14.2005 part deux

So uh yeah, that happened.

I was on the way home from the grocery store with John and told him how frustrated I am. It seems like every time we start saving up a little money, something else happens that costs us. We've got an orthodontist payment, the other half of his college class and now an insurance distater to pay this month. We've got a trip to Vegas next month that so far has hotel and flights paid for. I would prefer NOT to just spend the entire weekend sitting in the room doing nothing because we don't have much money. I'm sure we'll save a bit up before then, but still...so frustrating.

So Crash is cleaning house right now. I'm trying to get her to understand that she totally owes us $850 in hard labor now. She isn't too keen on her new name but hell, she deserves it! I am almost scared to have her out on the roads. She obviously has dyslexic feet!

So other than a crashed car, not a lot going on here. Getting the house ready for the guest invasion this weekend. Les and Michelle will be here tomorrow and then John's family is coming over on Saturday for birthdays. My fridge is close to overflowing and I still have a few more things to buy tomorrow. The last trip to Costco is always fun, isn't it? At least I can just buy bags of ice all weekend to keep the beers and sodas cold. By this time tomorrow night I will be sitting on my front porch with my bestest friends, dishing dirt, talking trash and drinking drinks. I can't wait!

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There are just no words.

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