July 09, 2005


I'm feeling much better, thank you.

Work this week was pretty hectic, but that was to be expected after being gone for a week. When you are low man on the totem pole, you don't really have anyone else to do things for you. I got all caught up though, so it is all good.

We're working on the porch again today. John needs to clean out the gutters above that area as well as closing up the rest of the seams. We still occasionally get a bit of water in there when it rains hard. Since I'd like to insulate the walls and start paiting, it is pretty important that we get it all sealed from the outside. This is also vital to getting done today since we seem to be in the possible path of hurricane Dennis. I know we aren't that close to the coast so we won't get nearly the damage that they will, but it will still dump a bunch of rain on us and possibly blow some stuff around up here. Better safe (and dry!) than sorry!

I'm totally psyched about Michelle and Les coming out next weekend. She's flying in on Friday afternoon and I don't think I'll let her sober up until about 4am Monday morning when we take her back to the airport. I've missed our weekly Porch Night sessions. Now we'll have a porch with air conditioning and no mosquitoes!

I should finish getting dressed and go out to help John. We do need to get the outside done while it is still nice today. He also needs to get the grass cut, so I suppose some more help would be good.

Everyone have a great weekend...maybe I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of all our hard work!

Posted by rowEn at 10:10 AM