June 27, 2005


duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nah "You say it's your birthday!" duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nah "It's my birthday to, yeah!"

So uh yeah, I am almost officially "old" today. 39.

I'm sitting here on the 23rd floor of the Wyndham in New Orleans, looking out over the French Quarter. Not a bad way to spend your birthday evening, that is for sure.

I got a wonderful present from my boss and co-workers. They got me iPod socks! I already love them and have looked around for other things I can slip the socks on. So far I have socked the iPod, two Atkins bars and the camera.

I had a great birthday weekend at my dad's house. It was so nice seeing him and Eileen again. I really need to try and get down here more often. I loved standing outside and just listening. It is sorta funny, but I was out there last night looking at his lights and I kept thinking, "This is just how it sounds on one of those Disney rides...the log ride I think." We went driving around Lake Martin and saw a few gators and lots of birds. I took quite a few pictures and will get them posted later this week. I had to stop at Wallyworld for a gym bag so that my suitcase won't be overweight on the trip home. I also needed to be able to bring home the presents they bought me. Once I am home and get them arranged, I'll take some pictures.

Tonight for dinner we went to the Acme Oyster House. Yes, I had six raw oysters on the half shell and loved every one of them! I swear, I remember now why I hate going to dinner with about 10 people on one check. People just can't add, don't remember how much they really ordered and it is always short on cash. Then nobody wants to go to the same place, so I just started walking to where I wanted to go and everyone followed. I can't help it if Marie Laveau's Voodoo shop wasn't on their top ten list of places to go. They are all big boys and girls and can find their way back to the hotel, right? I finally walked off with one of the other engineers since we both wanted to stop at the Hard Rock to get a shot glass. I made some people in the elevator laugh when someone was telling me to call them in their room as the elevator doors were closing and I laughed and said, "Yeah, that'll happen!"

I really should be getting to sleep. Since I only took the disposable camera with me this evening on my walk, I don't have any good French Quarter pictures to share yet. I promise, tomorrow I will escape from the "mixer" early and head out to shoot some pictures. I think I will try and find K Paul's place to eat, since I would like some boudin. So far that is the only place people have mentioned when I've said that is what I'm looking for. Must be good, right?

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